Ars dentista

Our dentist’s creed

We are striving to show the love of our profession not only by good quality and fine pieces of work, but also by patients who have harnessed their fears. Being a dentist is a mission: it means dissolving the fears and prejudices accumulated during the past centuries of encounters with the dentist.

The armrests on our chairs are only symbolic as there is nothing to be afraid of or fend off by clinging to them: instead the understanding doctors and assistants are there, together with soft music, candlelight and kind gestures, which all serve to create the relaxed and trustful atmosphere of the treatment. Fears and defencelessness are dispensed with.

We used to be afraid of the dentist, too, and the unpleasant experiences have taught us what to do differently. We cannot promise that you will have felt no pain at all. However, we will do everything humanly possible to make the unavoidable nuisances easier to forget. We too work with drills and needles, but these are accompanied by sympathetic attention and strawberry-flavoured numbing gel (topical anaesthetic).

We think that, regardless of age, it is important to get the patients involved with the planning, possible alternatives and expected results of the treatment. Trust is of central importance: knowing that this is the meeting of the expert endeavouring to make the best of everything and that of the well-informed patient understanding the whole treatment. 

Dentistry is the art and science of compromises. Once the dentist has to use the drill, he interferes with what Nature created almost perfect. No filling, prosthesis or dental intervention is perfect or permanent. There is only one way to avoid compromises: by preventing decay, extractions and periodontitis.

This is why we teach our patients correct oral hygiene and encourage them to follow a wholesome diet and health-conscious lifestyle. So we expect adults for regular check-ups and invite their children for a playful tooth screening.

Guarding the entrance between the outer - and our inner world, our teeth not only serve the right mastication, but also are the launch-site for our words and songs, for what we get into challenges and what we flash each occasion we smile. They define our physical and psychological balance, so let us treat them with care and attention!