Check of condition, counselling

  • counselling, treatment planning (free)
  • dental screening and check (free)
  • focus discovering

General adult dentistry:

  • aesthetic fillings
  • inlays, shell ceramics
  • dental prostheses: crowns, fixed partial dentures, partially removable dentures
  • non-metallic prostheses: (Turkom cera, Procera, Gradia, Belle Glas etc.)
  • wholly removable dentures (traditional and Valplast)
  • individual prostheses
  • temporary prostheses
  • root canal therapy
  • post dentures
  • mucosal diseases, herpes, aphta, complex treatment of mucosal inflammations
  • dental jewellery

Children’s dentistry:

  • primary teeth fillings
  • sealing of pit and fissure
  • brushing
  • space maintenance

Oral surgery:

  • ambulatory and emergency attendance
  • tooth extraction
  • implantation (Pit easy, Straumann)
  • MDI mini implants
  • osteoplasty, sinus lifting
  • resection, cystectomy
  • removal of lying or wedged-in wisdom teeth
  • soft tissue operations (frenulectomia etc.)


  • Adult and children orthodontics
  • Removable (“night”) braces
  • Aesthetic and bone-coloured fixed braces
  • Mouthguards (for those who clench their teeth while asleep)
  • Space maintainers (retainers)


  • Open and closed curettage
  • Osteoplasty

Oral hygiene:

  • comprehensive scaling with ultrasound equipment and hand instruments
  • polishing
  • advice on dental hygiene (free)
  • tooth-whitening treatment (at home and on the premises)
  • treatment of cervical hypersensitivity

Biological dentistry:

  • amalgam removal using rubber-dam
  • heavy metal detoxication (general and individually tailor-made)
  • homeopathic elimination of the anaesthetic medicine
  • elimination of antibiotics and regeneration of the intestinal flora
  • treatments adjusted to the phases of the Moon
  • kinesiological testing: types of filling materials fitted to individual needs
  • observing the relationship between the meridians and the teeth
  • advice on diet and lifestyle


  • intraoral
  • panorama (OP)


  • widely used homeopathic medicines

Craniosacral therapy

  • treatment of conditions of the mandibular joint
  • preparation and follow-up treatment of orthodontics
  • follow-up care of traumatic interventions (dento-alveolar surgery, etc.)
  • other: stress relief, treatment of head-aches, tinnitus, etc.

Dental prosthetics laboratory on the premises

  • individual choice of dental forms and colours, helped by the technician

We speak English, German, Russian and Romanian